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As an asset protection attorney, it’s my life's work to protect your prosperity. My goal is to legally and ethically build an impenetrable fortress around your wealth. Professional asset protection planning can effectively guard your assets against the more than 40,000 lawsuits filed each and every day against high net worth individuals, high risk professionals, business owners, athletes, and anyone else who can be viewed as a profitable target for trial lawyers.

To protect assets from lawsuits, you need to plan ahead. Adequate preparation will free you from the worry caused by potential litigation. It will allow you to focus on earning a living and enjoying your wealth, not the people who might try to take it away from you.

dewey2"I've worked with Wayne on a ton of projects, and he always delivers. You can count on him when it really matters. You could not do better than Wayne as "go to" counsel for any issue, but I wouldn't even consider another lawyer for asset protection planning."
Dewey Destin - Destin, Florida
Owner of Dewey Destin's Restaurants


"I've worked with Wayne a lot over the years. He is absolutely committed to excellence and integrity, and he always gets the job done the right way. I highly recommend him as a creative and trustworthy resource and as a truly outstanding person and lawyer."
Peter Vegso
Publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Asset protection attorneys safeguard the success that you've worked so diligently to achieve. Knowledge of laws and the court system is crucial in order to keep plaintiffs from targeting and trying to seize your wealth through lawsuits. 

Besides asset protection, almost everyone needs some form of estate planning. Whether you need a sophisticated offshore trust, an irrevocable trust, a Section 541 special power of appointment trust, gift tax advice, or a simple revocable living trust, I am here to serve you. 

I will guide and counsel you to a complete asset protection solution. All of the asset protection strategies offered will easily integrate with your estate planning, and if you don't have an estate plan in place, we can help with that too.


  • Lodmell & Lodmell
    Wayne is simply one of the most dependable “go to” attorneys out there. I have worked with hundreds of lawyers and rarely have I had the pleasure of working with someone who can be counted on to get the job done right the first time. I am happy to recommend Wayne as an excellent attorney and fine human being.
    Doug Lodmell
    Lodmell & Lodmell



    “I work in a profession where I know lots of lawyers – and really good lawyers – but of all the lawyers I know, Wayne is the attorney I trust. He is the first person I would call if I had any legal problem, especially a problem related to asset protection. He is caring and has integrity. I would highly recommend him to anybody.”
    Alice M.
    Family Therapist



    I appreciate you bringing the Florida Supreme Court case of Olmstead v. FTC to my attention . . . . Thank you for being a diligent citizen and for continuing to do your part to improve the business environment and encourage and stimulate growth within the State of Florida.”
    Representative Matthew Gaetz
    Florida House of Representatives


    I have been working with Wayne for over two years and completely trust his advice on asset protection. He’s a man of his word, has good insight into the industry and has come up with solutions to protect my money.”
    Jodi W. in Toronto

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